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Summer Schedule Group A

5 août 2022

Group A:

  • Summer Schedule begins on June 24th
  • Fridays off on this schedule include: June 24th, July 8th, July 22nd, August 5th, August 19th and September 2nd

This year, the Commission is testing a summer schedule that will allow eligible employees, (working a regular 37.5-hour work week) to receive every second Friday off work on a rotating basis. The Commission will not be closed on Fridays, instead, each team will divide eligible employees into two groups, A and B, with each group taking a set schedule of Fridays off. The summer schedule will commence Friday, June 24th and conclude on Friday, September 16th.

This is a pilot project and will be evaluated in the fall once concluded.As a part of this program, you will not be required to work any extra hours to make up for the day off, and there will be no adjustments to your earnings. There will also be NO special process required for entering this time into ADP. Managers will be responsible for working with employees to determine who will be in each group A and group B.


5 août 2022
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